27 December, 2011

Sister Claire

Staying in last post's theme of religion, Sister Claire takes you along a fantastic story of a nun in a monastery full of other nuns.

Ok, wait, that sounds boring. Let me spice it up for you:
* Witches being allergic to cats.
* The lead character gets pregnant.
* Devil cats and cute white cats.
* Gabriel(le) of the G.O.D corporation, rising from the toilet.
* The reverend mother speaking yoda.
* H2O holy water from a squirt gun.
* Nun-Fu, martial arts of extreme punishment.

Sounds better now, right?
All the nuns have unique personalities, and have their own parts in the story. Some are trained in the art of nun-fu and will kick butt. There's also the classic evil sister, posession of the evil cat spirit, body transformations and oh hey so much more.

The first chapter is in black and white, all the rest are in full color. All intentional though, as color is introduced with the arrival of Gabriel(le).

Who knew right? The archangel was a woman.

Cats are an integral part of the storyline, as you'll quickly see.
Start reading Sister Claire to find out more!
And the artist's DeviantArt page for related art :)

21 December, 2011


Somewhere between heaven and hell, lies earth. And on earth, it's Sinfest.

This comic updates very often, 3-4 panel black and white, with a full color page about once every week. It's a cute comic with plenty of love and evil mixed all together in a comic that has been going for well over 11 years now. It's a big player, though at times neglected or unknown by new readers.

11 years? Updates every day, that means... Indeed that means over 4124 comic pages as of today. A huge number in terms of dedication and longevity for any web comic.

The comic features a geeky boy, a girl, a pig who's always smoking weed, god's hand, the devil, the devil's child, plenty of succubi and several more characters. There are a number of story lines which get interwoven randomly with other pages, and over the you'll see things coming back from 20 or 30 pages back.

Furthermore it's a very cute comic fit for all ages regardless of the material drawn. Perhaps a bit more in the line of "teen" because of that. No excessive nudity, though some mild language usage. Suitable for work during your lunch break.

I would say you should start at page 1, but reading over 4000 pages will take you a while. Aw heck, go read em all anyway! Read Sinfest!

20 December, 2011

Ninety Nines

Since the last comic was about two lesbians, let's put up a gay one today.

The comic Ninety Nines is about two cat/furry/alien kind of creatures called Aqua and Serge. It's a collection of random jokes and creations, offensive language abuse, dick jokes and evil blood sucking goldfinches (The small, yellow kind).

It starts out with fairly simple drawings, then moves on to full scale high res color every so and then. The number of updates are sadly lacking of late as it's a very funny comic. Regardless of your personal religious tastes.

If you are easily offended, a religious zealot, overweight - gay hating american, this comic is probably not for you. For anyone else, it's a good read with plenty of rude and amusing comedy all around.

Coffee and energy drinks all around, Ninety Nines!
And one and two Deviant Art pages, in case you like the arrrrt, there is more :) (Also room to complain about the lack of updates!)

16 December, 2011


Another black and white comic, and again I'm not sharing black and white comics unless they are "really good".

Pawn most certainly qualifies true and proper for the "really good" title. Even though updates are sporadic at best, it's still alive after many many years and it's always a treat to get an update posted.

The story is about a lesbian scribe going down into a dungeon to seek it's biggest treasure. Not gold and jewels as you might expect, but it's mighty demoness guardian. Naturally that part of her quest succeeds, but getting back out of the dungeon is another task entirely.

So, start reading Pawn today! Not because it's updating every day, not because it's black and white, but because you should have started reading it years ago already! That, and it's an awesome comic.

11 December, 2011

Bear Nuts

Sarcasm, sadism, gluttony, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, plain evil and a number of other sins, all this and more in a single comic called Bear Nuts.

Beat nuts is the story of a small group of bears at the zoo. You'll find: Prozac, Gimp, Death, Gay, Lech, Evil, Tanked, Crack, Nerd, Vanity and others yet unseen playing out their intended parts in ways you proper to their names. Missions to steal from their human keepers, joyride around town, mayhem and crisis everywhere.

Using morphine on the visiting kids? No problem!

The comic is getting to it's 300th page soon, and the art style has been very steady throughout. Color and sharing all well done and pleasing to read.

Start reading Bear Nuts today!

07 December, 2011

Twisted Kaiju Theater

Neo Monster island, or Twisted Kaiju Theater is a comic, and not a comic both at the same time.

Some explanation is required on this though. Basically the "roots" of the comic come from a huge collection of monster toys both big and small. Arrange the toys, take an image, put the image on your computer, edit it with photoshop for special effects and text boxes and then print that on the website.

This has been going on for a staggering 1760 pages - and still counting. The comedy is as the comic title suggest - somewhat twisted and definitely aimed at the more mature reader. But the comedy - there is SO much of it! It's hard to believe it's coming from a single crazy mind.

Plenty of people have "tried" making a web comic in a similar way, either with lego toys, or sonic the hedgehog sprites, or megaman sprites, you name it. But, like with any black and white comic, it's not the quality of the artwork that makes the comic. It's the person behind the comic that makes it into the work of art that inspires thousands to read it every time there is an update.

A very twisted kind of special even, and for all that it's just that much more awesome.

It's one of those comics where you can start reading halfway through (page 1500 or thereabouts) and with a few clicks you'll enjoy it. Personally, picture and sprite comics don't do much for me, but this one stands out of the lot by a decent head (and tail). It has great comedy value of a unique kind that you're not likely to find elsewhere.

And the occasional bonus artwork,

Release your inner Kaiju and get stompy, at Twisted Kaiju Theater!

04 December, 2011


Out of all the webcomics on the web, few can get away with Stick figures and black and white coloring. XKCD does however, and it does it very well indeed. You'd have to be a bit of a geek to appreciate some of the jokes, but if you do get them. Just, wow. Occasionally the author puts together such complex jokes it makes you wonder where a person gets the time to put it all together. But when you understand it, you will appreciate it all that much more.

It's a black and white comic for the most part, but colors and even animation is used so and then.

XKCD could be considered a comic for the smart people among us, but that doesn't mean you're stupid if you don't understand the jokes. It just means you aren't understanding the complexity of the fine art of the joke that the author put together ;)

By the words of the author:
* Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors).

Do not be discouraged by the fact that it'd black and white, this comic is a masterpiece of the internet that is soon approaching it's 1000th update. Read XKCD now!

30 November, 2011

Two Kinds

I mentioned the top two ranked comics on TWC earlier, and Two Kinds is generally second, sometimes first on that list. (The other was Goblins)

Two Kinds has been running since about 2003, and the art (like most long running comics) has evolved. The fun part in this case, is that the author started the comic a the age of 15, now 23 - and the comic has grown immensely - as it's rank on TWC shows. Be sure to also check his Deviant account.

It is a furry comic as the dominant races in the world are Humans, Keidran (cat people) and Basitins (dog people). There are dragons as well, plenty of magic use and, well I don't like summing up too much. You should simply read it ;)

The comic starts with the main character waking up with memory loss in a grassy field, soon he becomes aware of one of the other main characters in the comic - Flora, who will grow into the role of his girlfriend later on. As the story progresses Trace (the lead character) shows to have a dark past he dimply remembers.

They travel together and meet up with various other characters, some of who will travel with the pair. As the story progresses Trace will recover more of his past's deeds. Good and bad alike.

Two Kinds is a cute adventure / love story on the co-existence and respect between races. In this case Humans, Keidran and Basitins. The art is colorful, and the magic is very nicely done. I can highly recommend checking it out.

27 November, 2011

Girl Genius

Girl Genius - one of the top steampunk web comics on the web. Featuring the story of Agatha Heterodyne, the long lost heir to a castle (and town) that has been under the iron fist of "sparks" a.k.a. mad scientists for years. The town has a way of dealing with the eccentricities of such people however, in fact it's become the center of their lives.

The story will take you along with Agatha as she discovers her lineage and finds out who her true parents were. A long quest that takes her along many ways, and find a variety of friends both human and "not quite" human. Meet heroes, quarreling lovers, and above all many crazy mechanical contraptions, and plots to kill her and take over the castle.

The comic started out with a different artist than the current, so you'll notice a difference in the art styles. Initially the comic was being published in two parts - meaning readers could start at page 1, or at page 250, and every week a page got added to each section. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 250, 251, 252 etc. Since then the two sections have caught up with each other and the story is now progressing along a single line as you would expect in any comic.

"Weird Science", mechanical marvels and a conspiracy around every corner. Girl Genius is a must-read for every Steampunk lover.

24 November, 2011


Last post was Black and White, so this one should be color again, don't you agree?

Commissioned is a "usually" color, "sometimes" Black and White comic with a variety of storylines and side stories. Most noticeably are:
* The life of Obsidian
* Cyberpunk
* The adventures of dwarf and elf (and weretiger)

The quality varies between simple, to high quality black and white, to high quality color (As seen in the previews of this post).

There will be random jokes regarding current events, or past events of the author's life and friends. Odd stuff regarding ninjas, pirates, zombies and a mix of those three in varying degrees of fun oddity. Cat jokes, seasonal jokes, movies and many more. It is a pretty random comic all-round, yet it never ceases to amaze the casual reader. It will draw you in like a magnet.

Trick or Treat?!

Commissioned - aka The ministry of abnormality, has something for everyone. Too much perhaps. It's a very random, but interesting view into the chaotic mind of Obsidian.

21 November, 2011

Sequential Art

Jolly Jack's got a skill to his fingers, and a mind to please all souls both perverted and curious alike. Among his creations is the comic Sequential Art, and it's among one of my favorites. It's a black and white comic, but as with most good comics that shouldn't bother you in the slightest. He's also got a DeviantArt account and a main gallery where misc colored art (and girls) can be found.

The comic itself is about a guy, his cat girlfriend, and his penguin friend. Later on the cast gets expanded to include a number of squirrel girls, a platypus pet and "the denizens".

It's been going for over 733 panels so far, and will hopefully continue for a good while yet. Many adventures have been had, and the main trio will be involved in various crazy situations not excluding: An alien invasion, investigating relics in egypt, high tech weaponry, awkward situations in the broom closet, hostile laboratories, and on and away many another.

If you manage to finish Sequential Art in a timely fashion, there's also the side strips: Spider and Scorpion and How to Play from the same author.

19 November, 2011


The comic Goblins is a major presence on the web. Funny enough it is actually hosted by the comic listed earlyer: Licd.

Goblins tends to be ranked #1 or #2 on TWC (Varies so n then between updates). And for good reason. Over the years it has evolved from a simple non-web black and white comic to a highly popular, very detailed story about the life of a group of Goblins. Unlike your run of the mill adventure RPG story, this one features Goblins as seen "through their eyes".

The author has put up a warning of this fact to inform new readers starting at page one. You'll run into the following image as below to give you an indication.

Below: An example of how much the comic has evolved

The comic is marked PG-13 / Teen for graphic violence. Bodies being ripped apart into a bloody mess would certainly fall in that category, if not higher.
It is definitely a story though and features three different groups of actors to which the reader is shown a glimpse of their action packed adventure.

Updates are generally once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Among the story lines there is also a side comic called "Tempts Fate", where the comic author tempts the life of the character being drawn. The readers get to donate cash and help answer riddles in order to progress this side story. In order to give you an idea how insanely popular this comic is, the current Tempts Fate has raised over 46.000 dollars! More than a year's salary for most people.

Goblins is certainly a giant player on the web, I'd be surprised if you hadn't already heard of it or seen it. But if not, today is as good a day as any to start reading Goblins - Life through their eyes.

16 November, 2011

Life on Forbez

It's a black and white comic! Life on Forbez is a comic that has been running for over ten years to date. It's been on a hiatus for a while, but it's back and hungry for your laughs.

The story and the characters are Alien. And it's about aliens being alien, if you follow? If you've seen Dragon Ball-Z, you'll know the green aliens are Namek. And, this comic is about the green alien as a kid with his fuzzbrain mother who came to live in a new area. The kid goes to school, meets friends and gets into weird situations. The comic does not actually follow the supposed main characters all the time, which allows us to see the side characters in more detail.

It's a RUDE comic, some pranks and just outrageous disrespect for the other characters. Like below.

The bus driver makes a short appearance but he's awesome. Get behind the line! Even if you're just about to faint or dying from the heat, you will not cross that line.

Other silliness you will see in this comic includes: Kicking old people, throwing grenades at children or even eating other kids at school. This comic crosses so many lines you can't help but laugh.

Read Life on Forbez. Not colored, but after a few pages you'll forget that fact, satisfaction guaranteed!

Update!: Life on Forbez will be moving to a New Host soon. (January 2012)

14 November, 2011


A comic a bit more for all ages is Undertow. Sadly, the comic hasn't been updated in a year, even though the author is still active and drawing.

Be sure to say hi to her on DeviantArt!

The comic has evolved from black and white to amazing full color pages over the years. As indicated by the author, as her skills grow, so did the comic.

This is a story, which starts out with a human enlisting in the guard during what appears to be medieval times. You'll find magic usage, swords and knives, elves and other fantasy creatures, monsters and a long plot to rescue a princess in distress.

The art changes a lot over the chapters, but a general impression of western anime is prevalent among the pages. This gives the comic it's own unique kind of style.

It's a relaxing read, though frustrating it's not really getting updated anymore. Perhaps in due time. But, for now I'd say give it a try and start from the beginning. Read: Undertow.

12 November, 2011


Another comic for the Mature section is: Atland, a comic by Nate Piekos.

This one is a story comic, unlike the previous ones posted before which tend to have random bits going on, Atland has over 300 pages worth of colored pages. It used to update once a week on Thursday, but it seems to have slowed down a bit the last few months. Still coming in at two updates a month though.

The comic is about a fantasy adventure of a small group of characters. A minotaur, a pixie, a priestess and a zombie prince. They head on an adventure and encounter other characters along the way, some who stick around or return again at later points in the comic. They will encounter fierce monsters and undead, evil magic and the like along the way.

Or rather, as the artist himself explains:


Yep, sex sells, it's the way of the world.
Regardless, it has some blood and gore that might be unsuited for some readers. The nudity is very mild, though shapely.

It really "is" a fantasy adventure story though, and a very interesting to read one at that. I'd recommend giving it a spin by heading over to the site and read all 300+ pages in a single evening.

11 November, 2011

Least I could do

The comic Least I could do (aka: Licd) started off as a black and white comic with rather outrageous comedy (For it's time).

Though the comic has always had one writer "Ryan Sohmer", the comic has gone through three artists over a period of 9 years:
* Black and white: Trevor Adams
* Early color: Chad W.M. Porter
* Current day: Lar Desouza

The main character Rayne is pictured straight off as a womanizer who takes life completely un-serious, and exists to satisfy the needs of his dick. In his quest for satisfaction, he will often get blown off, or run into unusual situations.

Below, Trevor Adams' Art

Below, Chad W.M. Porter's Art

Below, and top-right, Lar Desouza's Art

While initially the comic was shockingly blunt (and funny), of late it seems to focus more on current day events such as elections, occupy wallstreet, and a variety of other topics. The comic is still funny, but it takes a fan to really appreciate some of the new jokes. I'm not saying you shouldn't read it, quite the contrary, but you should really start at page one, even though it starts as black and white. The black and white is only the first year, and surely a true comedy web comic lover doesn't let such a thing as color ruin his or her day?

It's a very popular comic even this day, with thousands of fans and a constantly active forum. Not only that, but the writer and artist actually update every-single-day. Not just one comic, oh no! But two no less. The LFG comic is updated less frequently, but it does feature large full color pages.

If you hadn't heard of Licd before, now is your chance to join the horde (pun intended) of fans: Least I could do, start reading!

09 November, 2011


It should be noted that Oglaf is for Adult readers only.

If you don't mind frequent nudity and exposed body parts, you'll find the comic has has a charm to it that you won't quickly find in other web comics.

The comic features a wide range of characters of which many will be seen in their own short stories or scenes. Such as the apprentice and the sorceress, the travelers and the search for the fountain of youth, the queen of winter, the barbarian king, various shape shifters.

The hot topic of the day switches between: Murder, conspiracy, poisonings, torture, and plenty of random jokes along the way. A twisted mind is a great thing for creativity, and the author of this comic is certainly not lacking in any of that.

In short, Oglaf is an absolutely brilliant comic in a diverse fantasy setting, you should bookmark it right away!

07 November, 2011

Nerf Now!

Although not the first post to this blog, Nerf Now! is the "first comic" to be added to the list. I'm sure Josué will appreciate the gesture.

Another reason I picked Nerf Now! is because of this great and useful ESRB rating example.

A blog like this needs a clear start on what readers can expect to be posted.
Simply put we'll be aiming at the Teen section, mildly skirt around the Mature tidbits and avoid most of the Adult only stuff. That is, in regards to images posted however. I'm not responsible for any content that comic authors post, in fact I can promise you there will be a number of adult comics linked in the near future.

In terms of language use... It'll be colorful so and then, so I hope you're not easily offended. I'm only human, not all ratings will be 100% accurate, so keep your angry parents where I don't need to see them.

Nerf this!

Nerf now Started out with a number of Team Fortress comics, then later hit on Starcraft, Mario and a variety of other games. Most of which you should recognize.

All 'n all it's an "often cute" web comic you will best enjoy if you are an avid gamer. Some of the jokes will be difficult to understand if you are not. I'd recommend having a browse through the site either way.

Read: Nerf Now


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