21 December, 2011


Somewhere between heaven and hell, lies earth. And on earth, it's Sinfest.

This comic updates very often, 3-4 panel black and white, with a full color page about once every week. It's a cute comic with plenty of love and evil mixed all together in a comic that has been going for well over 11 years now. It's a big player, though at times neglected or unknown by new readers.

11 years? Updates every day, that means... Indeed that means over 4124 comic pages as of today. A huge number in terms of dedication and longevity for any web comic.

The comic features a geeky boy, a girl, a pig who's always smoking weed, god's hand, the devil, the devil's child, plenty of succubi and several more characters. There are a number of story lines which get interwoven randomly with other pages, and over the you'll see things coming back from 20 or 30 pages back.

Furthermore it's a very cute comic fit for all ages regardless of the material drawn. Perhaps a bit more in the line of "teen" because of that. No excessive nudity, though some mild language usage. Suitable for work during your lunch break.

I would say you should start at page 1, but reading over 4000 pages will take you a while. Aw heck, go read em all anyway! Read Sinfest!

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