07 November, 2011


Everything starts with a 1.
Unless it's an index.

About the blog

The purpose of this blog is basically to share my ridiculous collection of webcomic links with the rest of the world. I'll add some pictures for each link and a description to help you find what you are looking for. Perhaps, in return you could share some links that I hadn't seen yet? :)

Design / Theme

Undoubtedly I'll redesign and improve upon the current template later but, this will do for now. It's pretty bare bones to start with, but even Rome wasn't build in a single day. Or so I'm told.

Contact Info

For questions and feedback, feel free to leave a comment on any of the blog posts.

If you really need to send me an e-mail with data you do not with the public eye to see, in case of emergency, or other things which might or might not be important. I can be reached at bbr_tkihotmaildotcom. Since it's not my primary mail it may take a while to receive a response. So, if you're in a hurry I suggest you leave a message on this blog as well.

Banner art by Mipeo, from the MMOC forums

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