16 November, 2011

Life on Forbez

It's a black and white comic! Life on Forbez is a comic that has been running for over ten years to date. It's been on a hiatus for a while, but it's back and hungry for your laughs.

The story and the characters are Alien. And it's about aliens being alien, if you follow? If you've seen Dragon Ball-Z, you'll know the green aliens are Namek. And, this comic is about the green alien as a kid with his fuzzbrain mother who came to live in a new area. The kid goes to school, meets friends and gets into weird situations. The comic does not actually follow the supposed main characters all the time, which allows us to see the side characters in more detail.

It's a RUDE comic, some pranks and just outrageous disrespect for the other characters. Like below.

The bus driver makes a short appearance but he's awesome. Get behind the line! Even if you're just about to faint or dying from the heat, you will not cross that line.

Other silliness you will see in this comic includes: Kicking old people, throwing grenades at children or even eating other kids at school. This comic crosses so many lines you can't help but laugh.

Read Life on Forbez. Not colored, but after a few pages you'll forget that fact, satisfaction guaranteed!

Update!: Life on Forbez will be moving to a New Host soon. (January 2012)

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