11 November, 2011

Least I could do

The comic Least I could do (aka: Licd) started off as a black and white comic with rather outrageous comedy (For it's time).

Though the comic has always had one writer "Ryan Sohmer", the comic has gone through three artists over a period of 9 years:
* Black and white: Trevor Adams
* Early color: Chad W.M. Porter
* Current day: Lar Desouza

The main character Rayne is pictured straight off as a womanizer who takes life completely un-serious, and exists to satisfy the needs of his dick. In his quest for satisfaction, he will often get blown off, or run into unusual situations.

Below, Trevor Adams' Art

Below, Chad W.M. Porter's Art

Below, and top-right, Lar Desouza's Art

While initially the comic was shockingly blunt (and funny), of late it seems to focus more on current day events such as elections, occupy wallstreet, and a variety of other topics. The comic is still funny, but it takes a fan to really appreciate some of the new jokes. I'm not saying you shouldn't read it, quite the contrary, but you should really start at page one, even though it starts as black and white. The black and white is only the first year, and surely a true comedy web comic lover doesn't let such a thing as color ruin his or her day?

It's a very popular comic even this day, with thousands of fans and a constantly active forum. Not only that, but the writer and artist actually update every-single-day. Not just one comic, oh no! But two no less. The LFG comic is updated less frequently, but it does feature large full color pages.

If you hadn't heard of Licd before, now is your chance to join the horde (pun intended) of fans: Least I could do, start reading!

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