21 November, 2011

Sequential Art

Jolly Jack's got a skill to his fingers, and a mind to please all souls both perverted and curious alike. Among his creations is the comic Sequential Art, and it's among one of my favorites. It's a black and white comic, but as with most good comics that shouldn't bother you in the slightest. He's also got a DeviantArt account and a main gallery where misc colored art (and girls) can be found.

The comic itself is about a guy, his cat girlfriend, and his penguin friend. Later on the cast gets expanded to include a number of squirrel girls, a platypus pet and "the denizens".

It's been going for over 733 panels so far, and will hopefully continue for a good while yet. Many adventures have been had, and the main trio will be involved in various crazy situations not excluding: An alien invasion, investigating relics in egypt, high tech weaponry, awkward situations in the broom closet, hostile laboratories, and on and away many another.

If you manage to finish Sequential Art in a timely fashion, there's also the side strips: Spider and Scorpion and How to Play from the same author.

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