19 November, 2011


The comic Goblins is a major presence on the web. Funny enough it is actually hosted by the comic listed earlyer: Licd.

Goblins tends to be ranked #1 or #2 on TWC (Varies so n then between updates). And for good reason. Over the years it has evolved from a simple non-web black and white comic to a highly popular, very detailed story about the life of a group of Goblins. Unlike your run of the mill adventure RPG story, this one features Goblins as seen "through their eyes".

The author has put up a warning of this fact to inform new readers starting at page one. You'll run into the following image as below to give you an indication.

Below: An example of how much the comic has evolved

The comic is marked PG-13 / Teen for graphic violence. Bodies being ripped apart into a bloody mess would certainly fall in that category, if not higher.
It is definitely a story though and features three different groups of actors to which the reader is shown a glimpse of their action packed adventure.

Updates are generally once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Among the story lines there is also a side comic called "Tempts Fate", where the comic author tempts the life of the character being drawn. The readers get to donate cash and help answer riddles in order to progress this side story. In order to give you an idea how insanely popular this comic is, the current Tempts Fate has raised over 46.000 dollars! More than a year's salary for most people.

Goblins is certainly a giant player on the web, I'd be surprised if you hadn't already heard of it or seen it. But if not, today is as good a day as any to start reading Goblins - Life through their eyes.

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