14 January, 2012

Treading Ground

Warning, the following comic has moments of extreme hilarity. Asphyxiation due to too much laughter is a very real and possible danger to your health. You've been warned.

Treading ground is a comic about Nate, a 21 year old supermarket clerk stuck a bad job and his uninteresting life. Until he meets Rose, 16 years old, sexually active and very interested in Nate. In short, this comic is about jail-bait and complicated relationships due to politics.

The comic is considered "finished" at it's current 251 pages. The author has started up a follow up / alternative story which incorporates a few of the original characters over at The Idle State. Treading ground may continue later though :) (Or at least, we should all hope it does)

As before, start at page 1, and read from there. The comic has been developed over a time of about 8-9 years, so you'll find the art to vary and improve as you progress along the pages. The later pages are very good and detailed.

Along the story you'll find all the characters of the super market, friends and situations that you wouldn't wish upon anyone. Or envy others. It should be noted this comic is not for the younger readers as well ;)

Treading Ground has everything to tickle your funny bone. If you didn't know it yet, go read it now! No regrets.

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