06 August, 2012

Blog merge

Goggle Cat Comic isn't going anywhere!
Or rather, it is...

Namely, I'm moving these pages together with my other blog and combining the two in a new layout which is still under construction "soon-ish". You can read about it here.

I realize I haven't added a great lot of comics in the last few months - busy times, work work, cute girlfriend, diablo 3, improve the site design, dragon age origins, and so much more.

Keep an eye out for the new design - update your bookmarks soon - I'll copy the comic reviews posted here so far over to the newly re-designed blog soon.

Update: And it's done! Go see them over at RRVS

14 January, 2012

Treading Ground

Warning, the following comic has moments of extreme hilarity. Asphyxiation due to too much laughter is a very real and possible danger to your health. You've been warned.

Treading ground is a comic about Nate, a 21 year old supermarket clerk stuck a bad job and his uninteresting life. Until he meets Rose, 16 years old, sexually active and very interested in Nate. In short, this comic is about jail-bait and complicated relationships due to politics.

The comic is considered "finished" at it's current 251 pages. The author has started up a follow up / alternative story which incorporates a few of the original characters over at The Idle State. Treading ground may continue later though :) (Or at least, we should all hope it does)

As before, start at page 1, and read from there. The comic has been developed over a time of about 8-9 years, so you'll find the art to vary and improve as you progress along the pages. The later pages are very good and detailed.

Along the story you'll find all the characters of the super market, friends and situations that you wouldn't wish upon anyone. Or envy others. It should be noted this comic is not for the younger readers as well ;)

Treading Ground has everything to tickle your funny bone. If you didn't know it yet, go read it now! No regrets.

07 January, 2012

Las Lindas

Another among the giants of the web comic world is Las Lindas. Featuring 349+ pages, and over eight years of drawing experience.

The story is about a cow-girl (Not the western movie kind), Mora Linda the bovine star of the series who owns a vegetable farm. She's recruiting a number of others to help her manage the farm and work the land. Initially she's recruited the cat Miles at the bar by seduction and a good whack to the head with a frying pan... and of course a nice bit of blackmail.

Other characters include variations of Cats, Rabbits, Dogs, Lizards, Skunks and many more animals made into detailed and interesting characters. This comic holds more active character personalities than I've seen in any other web comic so far. And, they each come with a level of detailed character background and information so they may play their own part in the story to save and protect Mora's farm.

I suggest starting at page 1 if you start reading this one, but that goes for most comics. Don't miss out on the bonus comics though ;)

Putting the "cat" into Cat-fight. Go have a peek at Las Lindas, and enjoy the amazing art of Chalo in this great web comic.
Also, bonus comics and fan service!

03 January, 2012


The first comic of this new year is called Abian. I can not recommend this comic for it's great art, as you will see it's fairly simple compared to some most other comics. Still miles better than my own drawings, but that aside. It's in black and white, so that can only mean one thing right? Either I was bribed into posting this, or it has a great story.

Well, I'll let you know I wasn't bribed (nobody even tried so far, surprisingly) this comic has a very entertaining - religion touched story on a view of society and it's underlying taint. No doubt 3 out of 4 readers will stop right there, but really, if you simply start at page one and read along you'll find the comic growing on you in less than no time at all.

The main character is a priest, who hunts "demons" among the population. He is granted a special sight by which he can detect who among us are the most grave of sinners and put them to justice. Little does he know that he will walk among the world as a sinner himself and, as a demon given the form of his tormentor.

The comic is an "almost" finished product. Sixteen chapters worth so far, each around 20-40 pages. It's a decent read for an evening. The prime theme of the story is "self reflection", and it's told at a good speed that will be enjoyable to read. Updates are slow, but always worthwhile.

A relatively unknown, but highly under appreciated comic in a niche of the Internet. Read Abian, it's good, and needs a warm place in your bookmarks.